The Greatest, The Deadliest, The Bravest, The One and Only Gunslinger In The Galaxy…


Flash Renegade is a graphic novel created by W.D. Lady and Nicoy Guevarra.

In a galaxy far, far away...

A little girl, determined to change the world, was chosen by the Almighty God Herself. Until one day, that girl grew up...​

What's the story about?

That's it?
Pretty much.

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Beyond Satire

Flash Renegade was actually written in 2002 by the crazy mind of W.D. Lady, who had been brainwashed by the entire system. She wanted to create a Feminist Superheroine, someone who could be a role model for young girls. Thank God she never finished it nor published the book for almost two decades.

Eventually, W.D. Lady woke up one day and was sick and tired of all the Political Correctness in the world. This was a great miracle. She's now an author for Freedom of Speech. W.D. Lady hates Islam, Third Wave Feminists, BLM, Leftists, Liberals, Nazis, and a whole bunch of other stuff with a passion. Oh yeah, she does love God and Gays.

What did you think she was? A Bible Thumper?

So she decided to create a graphic novel for a fanbase she'll probably never ever have. 

We want to create an uncomfortable and not considerate environment where everyone is highly offended.

Feel free to contribute nothing and enjoy.

P.S. If you really hate Political Correctness and love what we're trying to do, please give us some of your money (you know, donations) and help support this colorful site. 

​Thank you.
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